For the past five years, our primary goal as a couple has been to start a family.  And for five long years my husband and I have tried everything from fertility medications to four rounds of IUI, without success.  Worst of all, despite checking us both out thoroughly, we simply had no explanation for the cause of our infertility.

Frustrated, we decided to explore a different fertility clinic after hearing about the West Virginia Fertility Institute and their partnership with Dr. Yalcinkaya at Carolinas Fertility Institute.  At our first meeting with “Dr. Y,” he gave us encouragement and hope in our quest to conceive, and after we started the IVF process, we conceived on our first cycle!  Just two months after starting our journey with WVFI, we were pregnant!

At WVFI, Dr. Y and his highly qualified nurses and staff showed great concern and demonstrated such professional care and treatment of us throughout the entire IVF process. I am considered a high-risk pregnancy due to a separate health condition, which prompted Dr. Y and his team to take extra special care of me in my unique situation.  I can’t say enough good about these wonderful professionals who treat you like family, so if you seek a truly personalized, individually tailored, and supportive fertility experience, WVFI and Dr. Y, are the absolute way to go! I highly recommend them to guide you through every step of the intricate process that is today’s modern miracle science of fertility treatment.

Michael & Courtney G.

After two failed IVF cycles, we came to West Virginia Fertility Institute because of the compelling testimonies of Dr. Yalcinkaya’s ability to help with difficult cases. As fate would have it, we also saw Crystal Hayes during our first consultation with Dr. Y in Charleston, WV. Crystal was my L&D nurse in my first pregnancy! Having Crystal as a part of our team just felt right. She was always eager to answer my questions and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Y made a protocol that fit us individually and left no stone unturned in our care. We appreciated that since it was our final IVF cycle and very last shot at getting pregnant. His magic worked! We’re expecting our miracle baby in December 2020! With all of our hearts, we want to thank Dr. Y, Crystal, the embryology team, and all of the staff for making our dreams come true. Everyone was wonderful and treated us so well.

Erin & Chris Listermann

We are so thankful for WVFI. After going through IVF at a different fertility clinic we were losing hope and also disappointed with how we were treated. Dr. Y and Crystal Hayes restored our hope. We could not be more appreciative of how well we were treated. Crystal seemed more like a friend and never made me feel like she was inconvenienced with all my calls and text. Whenever there was a problem she was quick to figure it out. Dr. Y made us feel so comfortable at the consultation. We knew his knowledge and expertise was exactly what we needed. We would recommend WVFI, Dr. Y, and Crystal to anyone going through infertility.

Kaitlyn Johnson

Dr. Yalcinkaya and his WV staff are nothing short of amazing. My husband and I had a 0% chance of having children on our own because of us both having infertility. Dr. Y set us up with a plan that was perfect for us and we now have a perfect set of mono di twins (only transferring one embryo) we were blessed with twins. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who struggles with infertility.

Pat and Kinslee Jones (Charleston, WV)

From the moment we met Dr. Y and the WVFI staff, we knew we were in good hands, and that we had met medical professionals that we could trust with a dream that was so precious to us. Everyone at WVFI wants success for you and will do anything for that. We recommend WVFI to anyone considering seeking assistance in becoming a parent. They’ll be met with kindness, and a staff that takes great joy in playing their role in creating growing families.

Tim and Michelle Peasak (Morgantown, WV)